How to write a good essay in Spanish

There is not such a big difference between writing an essay in Spanish, in English or in any other language. The basic principles remain the same and if you know them, you will cope with any kind of writing assignment. In this article, we want to enlighten the question of writing an essay in its classic form. While for some students this appears an exciting and interesting task, for they have natural writing skills and writing itself seems joyful for them, others find it a real challenge. This is, in fact, not so easy to be able to express oneself on paper. Sometimes our thoughts attack us and we get confused, not knowing what to start with. But there are also cases when we simply have no idea, what to say. In both cases one thing that helps overcome lack of confidence and proceed straight to the writing is, of course, practice. But also, you have to know how to deal with this assignment in theory before you step up to the practical part.

The good news for you is that we are here to guide you through the writing process by means of professional tips and easy guidelines. However, there is even a better news. If you feel completely lost and nothing seems to be helpful, just contact us and we will take full responsibility for your writing assignment. Our expert writers are looking forward to providing you with exceptional service that includes proofreading, editing and writing academic papers. This concerns essays, as well as other kinds of tasks that you may face throughout your academic career. Keep that in mind when you are about to give up on your writing skills or when you just need somebody to assist you for a better result.

Things to know about essay writing

Writing a college paper, including but not limited to essay in Spanish, foresees that you provide a coherent set of thoughts and ideas and build an argument to discuss a certain issue in a meaningful and profound way. Since the common structure of essays is usually linear, this means that you have to provide one thought at a time and put sentences in a clear order, so that it would make obvious sense to the potential reader. In other words, a successfully written essay is the one that appeals to the logic of the reader.

To make your paper understandable, you have to provide information step by step, while dividing it into paragraphs. There are three main questions that your essay has to answer and here are they:

  • What? This question goes first and serves to introduce to the reader the evidence that shows that your claim is true. In order to give a fully satisfying answer to this question, you have to do research on your evidence that appears in the beginning of your paper, most likely in the introduction part. You have to say a few words about your personal observations. Remember that you shouldn't give it more than a third part of the entire paper. Keep it narrow, but informative.
  • How? The answer to this question will have to demonstrate the reader that your claim is true regardless of any conditions, because it is the ultimate true statement. In other words, you have to prove your objectiveness. Here your topics gets illuminated in a broader context. By answering this question, you explain and prove the significance of your own paper. Also, this is expected to be the biggest part of your essay.
  • Why? This is where you are going to explain what is your ultimate claim. In other words, you have to prove its importance and show that this issue matters not only to you, but also to all the people. You have to show that this is worthy of discussion and of the attention of your target audience. Even though you might have started answering this question in the beginning of your paper, you must give a more complete answer in the end as well. Otherwise, your readers will find your essay not finished properly.

Map your paper

In order to make your essay sound solid, you have to follow a good structure. To achieve this, you have to organize your thoughts in accordance with your potential reader's anticipations and needs. The most effective way to deal with this is to create a map of your essay and follow it through the entire writing. This will help you keep organized and make the text easy to understand. Essay mapping is also good because it will help you figure out in what order to put your thoughts and ideas. Here is how you can manage it:

  • Write down your thesis statement and try to limit yourself to a couple of sentences. After that, write another sentence where you explain why you find it important to make that kind of claim. This is where you have to explain what new things your potential reader will learn from reading your paper. Also, this is where you are going to ask the “why” question.
  • Start the following sentence by appealing to the reader like this: “In order to grasp the importance and rightness of the author's claim, the reader has to be aware of...” and list a couple of evidences that, to your mind, will fit there. In this part, you will have to answer the “what” question. Having said that, you may also find it the right place to give a glimpse on the background information for the better understanding of the discussed topic.
  • When listing your evidences, keep the dialogue with the reader. He has to feel as if you are talking to him personally. A good way to achieve this is to say things like “A useful thing for the reader to learn is that...” and continue expressing your thought.

How to end an essay

Sometimes students are great at mapping their essay and developing it, but they eventually get stuck when it comes to the conclusion part. Establishing a good conclusion is as hard as the rest of the work with an essay. Therefore, we want to offer you tips to cope with writing an effective conclusion for your essay in Spanish. Check them out and follow when you proceed to writing the conclusion.

  • Start your conclusion by making links between the last paragraph of your paper and the first one. You may do this by means of restating the thesis statement or any other sentence you used in the first part of your essay.
  • Use simple language to finish your essay. You don't have to find complex words or phrases to impress your reader. The better and more effective way to leave a strong positive impression is to use your intellect and extraordinary knowledge.
  • Use parallels. This will make it easier for the reader to follow your thoughts and to actually imagine what you are talking about. Also, it will help you not make your essay boring. Figurative language elements such as parallels will make your text bright and unique.

Finishing your essay like a pro

An impressive start is great, but the reader will soon forget it if you don't make the conclusion impressive as well. When it comes to the concluding part, there is a bunch of tricks how to deal with it as a pro. Below, we provided some of them.

  • Use a quotation to finish your essay. This may be a sentence from any source that you used when researching your topic, or you may find it in additional source. Consider articles, research papers, non-fiction books or even fiction novels.
  • Try to set the conversation into a broader context. For instance, you might make a connection between how your topic is perceived nowadays and how it used to be seen a century ago. You may also consider a brief comparison between approaches to this issue in different countries.
  • Make a reference to one of the major points of your claim. Here, you can make a suggestion that will motivate your reader to reflect on the topic even after reading your paper.
  • Finally, you may want to provide a nice joke to entertain your reader a little bit. Even if your topic is quite serious, it doesn't mean you can't make your reader laugh. Besides, it is a good way to make a positive lasting impression.

How not to finish you essay in Spanish

Apart from knowing what you should do to make your conclusion strong, it is also important to know what not to do. Here are our tips in this regard:

  • Summarizing itself is not enough. It is useful as a part of your conclusion, but there also has to be at least a brief restatement of your major ideas.
  • Don't overuse expressions like “to sum up” etc. When you are making an oral speech, it is good to say so. However, when it comes to expressing yourself in a written form, such phrases are only a waste of words.
  • Never apologize for your point of view. It may be different from others and people may agree or disagree with you, but you have to be firm and confident about what you think. If you are not sure about what you are saying, how can you expect your readers to believe you?
  • Don't make it too long. Conclusion is not a place for new information. Therefore, it doesn't have to take you more than one paragraph and it obviously can't be longer than the middle part of your essay.

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