A Good Action Creates a Very good Samaritan, Not only a Hero

 Essay about A Good Deed Creates a Good Samaritan, Not only a Hero


Connie Halal

English Comp 122

Prof: Amy Morris

May 18, 2013

A great deed provides an impressive Good Samaritan, not a hero

This society can be described as busy self absorbed ambiance. Our ethnic system encourages everyone to go about their organization on a daily basis whilst routinely disregarding the hungry man in the street corner or maybe the dead pet on the side in the highway. Really normal into your head your own business and never stick the neck to be able to help a fellow individual. So when an individual fails the norm to lend a helping palm, the good deed becomes multimedia worthy gallantry. This is absurd hero praise considering in order to help arise every minute of each and every day, yet the opportunity is normally ignored. Contemporary society is being paid for performing minor very good deeds or behaving like a Good Samaritan by receiving fanfare that might rival the pope going to town. However , with so a large number of bad deeds accruing, every small action of kindness can be misunderstood as gallantry. A good action creates a Great Samaritan, not really a hero. Although the Good Samaritans of present society should be praised; they are really not characters and are not on similar with the hero's of mythology.

The phrase hero provides several versions of the definitions. One example from the Webster's dictionary is " a guy of recognized courage or perhaps ability, respected for his brave deeds and respectable qualities”. (Dictionary. com) Available World Mythology (Rosenberg, 1994), a leading man is defined as " children of gods that have unusual delivery, possess extraordinary strength, attempt arduous journey and have unconventional deaths”. The two meanings are different, yet much the same. As a child of your God, they must shoot for heroism. There is a propensity towards bravery and a created need to be admired. As kids of gods they are instructed to prove themselves worthy of the moniker hero. The common modern man on the other hand merely should be at the right place at the right time and he could be branded a hero, his deed sensationalized by media frenzy and endless undeserved pomp and circumstance.

Hercules is the perfect example of a hero. Born to a Goodness and a mortal girl he was needed to prove himself worthy to be able to enter Olympus and become underworld. Zeus, Hercules' father chose to give him responsibilities to perform to prove his bravery and intelligence. Forzudo was provided for King Eurystheus and provided ten labors to perform and when he was done Zeus would decide if having been worthy. The first job was to deliver King Euystheus the skin in the lion of Nemea. Hercules knew that the lion cannot be murdered by rock or fermete, so he previously to all of us his wit and sneaky to trap the big cat in its give. He then was able to wrestle the lion to death and return to Ruler Eurystheus putting on the fearsome trophy. (Rosenberg, 1994)

Minimize to modern-day and there is a great airplane in distress and unable to land on the runway in Nyc, due to engine failure. (NBC, 2009) The pilot, a thirty 12 months veteran in the airline, successfully lands issues the plane on the water of the Hudson Lake. Emergency deck hands are ready and every voyager is removed the plane and set on dry land; safe and sound. The media madness that ensued was epic. The headlines read " Miracle around the Hudson”, (NBC news personnel and assistance reports, 2009)the pilot started to be a media sensation overnight. The word leading man fell coming from everyone's lip area as he was put on every single parade float, appeared in each daytime speak show with perky spokes people. This all attention to get doing his job, work he was paid out very well to perform; one he had been performing for over thirty years. Was he a good employee? Yes. Was he an excellent Samaritan? Certainly. Was this individual a main character? No . The pilot was paid to perform a job and he made it happen well. He deserved a benefit and a ride on a parade float, but not being called hero. The pilot saved those people, although he as well saved him self in the process. A genuine hero will deeds that are...

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