A location full of puzzle

 A place full of mystery Essay

Kwun Tong: A location full with mystery

Kwun Tong is definitely the place wherever I were raised. Though I was not moving into there, I had my primary and extra education in this tiny and old city. Well it used to be an old city, but within twelve years, it has changed into another metropolis.

One day once i was strolling in Kwun Tong Highway, I stop my hip and legs and turn me upward. On my left hand side happen to be industrial properties mostly with old style design and style and yellowish-brown colour around the wall. That they don't have huge pieces of a glass surrounding the outer surface of the building, instead they have habits and designs of stones on the wall membrane, as if informing everyone that they will be old enough. However , skyscrapers, high apartments and shopping companies are ranking proudly, like they are having a laugh at individuals short sectors that their era has passed and now is usually their demonstrate time. About ten years ago, there was no skyscrapers in this town, although only short industries, brief apartments and conclusively everything is not tall. Ten years is passed and that which we have now will be advanced technologies and better architectural methods. Skyscrapers will be everywhere also to be honest, they damaged beauty of the town. Kwun Tong is more likely to be a residential district, a place wherever people stay close and shop jointly in the market. Period flies, together with the entry of chain retailers, residents is unable to find community stores. They cannot bargain. Individuals simple and primitive " iron-sheet house” next to Yan Oi Courtroom disappeared. Most I can locate in Kwun Tong today are renovation sites just about everywhere. Dust are really heavy that we can't possibly see the road. Noise are incredibly loud that makes me feel annoyed every time I go by. Though Kwun Tong achievement to be renewed due to the improve project, some old practices can scarcely be lost I can still see some elderlies offering fruits and cold drinks to people. Some even search for paper bins and generate for living.

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