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Gate: Drawing

When i came across Michelangelo's and Leonardo ag Vinci's drawings I experienced I could explore their creativity and characteristics. The 2 sketches that I adored and decided to study or perhaps compare will be Head of Leda by simply Leonardo de uma Vinci and Andrea Quaratesi by Michelangelo; the two are incredibly interesting in my opinion because they will tell me regarding the artist, for instance Michelangelo's drawing is definitely the only surviving portrait drawing that he made and based on the description Michelangelo " was most hesitant to make family portrait drawings unless of course the subject was one of ideal beauty” when the viewer looks at the face we can see why he chose to only have " perfect beauty” the depth of the portrait is almost picture like, every detail is captured including the well-balanced lighting through the picture and the creases for the clothing this goes beyond simply having a person, he was in a position to capture the essence from the person.

Mind of Leda by Leonardo da Vinci is also very beautiful the detail that Leonardo draws is more anatomically correct instead of capturing the essence from the person to whom he was drawing. For example the nasal area is outlined perfectly via nose suggestion to eyesight brow the eyes are incredibly anatomically right their lids are flawlessly placed and the eyelashes are used one by one. Her hair can be braided in two buns in what appears to be a series of French braids. All of us also observe how Leonardo's style comes through because very calm and free formed seeing that his pulling is also like this her position is very cost-free flowing and although her hair is braided the lady does have a few hair appearing out of it.

Both equally drawings have such distinctions yet they are very similar, plus they show us how these two designer felt about drawing and art generally.

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