Avarice inside the Crucible

 Avarice in the Crucible Composition

Cambria Anderson


AP English III/Period 3

11 November 2012

Avarice and Vindicte in The Crucible

The perform The Crucible takes place throughout the Salem Witch Trials of the 1800s. Yet Arthur Burns does not uncover the misfortune of the witch trials in the way expected. Burns expresses the underlying factors behind the accusations made since those stemming from personal greed as well as the feeling of payback. Abigail Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Putnam, and Reverend Samuel Parris all have their own daily activities as to why they will " cry witch” upon others inside their village.

Miller outlines the history between Abigail Williams and Steve Proctor in Act One particular: Abigail was removed from the Proctor house by Elizabeth, Proctor's better half, because of an affair taking place between her and Proctor. Because of this, Abigail harbors a hate and jealousy toward Elizabeth. In Act Two, a warrant was sent for Elizabeth's arrest: The woman, the Williams girl, Abigail Williams, friend. She seated to evening meal in Reverend Parris' house tonight, and without word nor warnin' the girl falls towards the floor. Just like a struck beast, [Parris] says, and screamed a scream that a bull would weep to hear. And [Parris] visits save her, and, caught up two in . in the drag of her belly, he draw a needle away. And demandin' of her how the girl come to be therefore stabbed, the girl […] testify it were your wife's familiar soul pushed it in. (Miller 79) Abigail knew that from the beginning in the witch frighten that the girl could actual revenge upon those who she felt wronged her or perhaps took some thing from her, which is the case of Elizabeth. Abigail knew Martha Warren made a toy, and was planning to give it to Elizabeth; in addition, she saw Martha Warren adhere the needle back in. Abigail took benefit of the situation to provide seemingly irrefutable evidence of witchcraft on Elizabeth's part. Through this, Proctor sees that vengeance works these studies, and how very easily people start one another to get what exactly they want. Proctor is also aware that Abigail's revenge does not have any limits; she...