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п»їBut Was it Tough? Jania Barrell

On a Friday evening in November, Inspector Eliot is referred to as to the picture of a killing in Blackheath, south London. With his associate, Detective Bowen, he examines the victim – Alex Forley, who have seems to have taken himself. Would it be straightforward suicide or tough? A search discloses the sufferer was rich and lived alone. The neighbours, Ronald and Catherine Crowther, tell Eliot they own not seen Forley for any week. Eliot learns that Forley happened to run an collectibles shop, together a girl, Amanda Scholarhip. Catherine says she acquired heard a noise such as a gunshot that afternoon. Eliot suspects the Crowthers may be hiding some thing. The next day, the body is discovered by Amanda Grant, who have seems unemotional until your woman actually perceives the corpse. Later, she admits presently there had been issues with their marriage, and that Forley had been close to Catherine Crowther. Also, Forley had been suffering from severe headaches and medical tests had been performed. A search of Forley's residence proves cash was not the motive – there was £2, 000 unblemished on the table. On the answerphone there are text messages from Amanda Grant and a man known as Philip. Eliot again concerns Catherine Crowther, who tells him the lady saw a gentleman call by Forley's house on Comes to an end morning. She thinks it may have been Philip Wilver, Forley's friend and doctor. She also confirms Amanda Grant's tale about Forley's health problems. Eliot is curious about the relationships between Forley, Amanda Grant and Catherine. Eliot and Bowen are worried about the Crowthers, who they think may be covering evidence. Eliot is especially curious about a research Catherine makes to a gun. On a trip to Forley's antiques shop, Eliot learns through the manager, Hermosa Scott, that Forley had taken £2, 200 in cash from your shop. In the meantime, Bowen has become slowly studying Forley's record – which is written in Greek and Latin. Law enforcement next visit Dr Philip Wilvers, who have confirms the stories regarding Forley's health worries as well as the...

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