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Crimson Tide 03.09.2019
 Crimson Tide Essay

Crimson Tide Dissertation

Crimson Tide is a 1995 submarine film about a discord with the Russian Federation. In the movie, there are two primary protagonists; one is the commanding officer Captain Ramsey, and his new professional officer Lieutenant Commander Hunter. The movie displays many different attributes and attributes of leadership, but mostly it shows the conflict of struggle that may happen between chain of command, together with the rules with the book. The first scene where management is proven is the field where Ramsey decides to perform a drill while there can be described as fire taking place in the kitchen, this has Hunter move talk to the Captain, where Captain disrespects his XO, and embarrasses him in front of the crew, but it really is proven later that the Captain provides the XO to his quarters, where he tells the XO, that he had for making an example, and that if the XO doesn't just like the Captain's decision, that he should let him know in private, but when they're around subordinates, he needs to agree and suck it up. The Chief also question Hunter in the event he feels it's his fault for the fatality of one from the subordinates in the fire, and Hunter responds with " no”, as well as the Captain tells him that it was because the subordinate was over weight. The Chief has wonderful intensions, but has a challenging standard for the XO. The Chief also explains to him that if the leadership doesn't appear to be they have that together, then a crew will begin to get worried, and that's what happens up coming. The next picture that shows leadership complications is a landscape where the USS Alabama is given orders to launch their nuclear missiles at The ussr, but another message can be sent out later, but can be cut off as a result of radio getting damaged by a boat attack. At that time, Captain Ramsey decides that since the second message is cut-off, that he will make a change as process, and makes a decision he wants to continue with the launch; NEVERTHELESS , Hunter feels that the second message could have been for the launch in the missiles to be terminated. Then when it...

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