Dialogue on price perception and service satisfaction would impact the development of Inexpensive Carriers in Hong Kong air travel industry

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 Discussion in price perception and service satisfaction might affect the progress Low Cost Providers in Hong Kong airline market Essay

Research Proposal

Topic area: Low Cost Company

Discussion on price perception and assistance satisfaction might affect the progress Low Cost Companies in Hong Kong airline industry Introduction

You will discover four flight companies in Hong Kong which are Cathay Pacific, Dragonair, Hong Kong Air travel and Hk Express. Cathay Pacific shows merger-driven consolidation that Dragonair became a member of Cathay Pacific Group in 2006. Alternatively, HaiNan Air travel acquired both Hong Kong Aircarrier and Hk Express. Cathay Pacific, Dragonair, Hong Kong Aircarrier are full-service carriers although Hong Kong Share is the only Low Cost Transporter (LCC) in Hong Kong. Since the technology development expansion rapidly, persons could search various kind of information quickly, such as the a comparison of price, assistance quality and reputation. Therefore, the Hong Kong Express which is the LCC grab the opportunity to develop a fresh market in Hong Kong. With this research proposal, the effect of customer satisfaction affected by the customer notion under the LCCs would be examined. As individuals are tend to end up being influenced by the price from the product or perhaps services. Sometimes, with a lower price, the customer realize that limited services would be supplied and therefore, the perception and also the expectation in the quality would be relatively decreased. The customer pleasure is one of the important behavioral determinants. It is interesting that LCCs grow extremely fast in other country such as Chinese suppliers, Singapore and Europe but the development of LCCs is very narrow. After critiquing a few magazines, there is small focus on if the price belief and the assistance satisfaction are the factors impacting the limited development of LCCs in Hong Kong. Therefore , this kind of research is to found out the thoughts of price perception and assistance satisfaction in the customer perspective in order to find techniques for a better development of LCCs.

Review of Literary works

According to Kim & Lee (2009), they had done a review...

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