Describe and Evaluate Bowlby's Theory of Attachment.

 Describe and Evaluate Bowlby’s Theory of Attachment. Dissertation

Describe and Evaluate Bowlby's theory of attachment.

An accessory refers to ‘a close two-way emotional romantic relationship between a couple. In Child Psychology this focus is definitely on the primary care-giver mostly (but not exclusively) each of our mothers. ' According to Bowlby, children develop an attachment to just one main care-giver which is qualitatively different than any others elizabeth. g. warm and ongoing relationship with mother. This attachment must occur within the sensitive period (6-24 months) or there can be severe advancement difficulties and consequences someday. This 1st attachment allows us to form our Inner Working Version which is a theme for all foreseeable future relationships. And this, Bowlby suggests that attachment is natural and is preprogrammed within the body system; nature certainly not nurture. Connection is seen as a great evolutionary theory as it is seen as a necessary device for your survival and is handed genetically. Bowlby also states that deprival or lack of attachment could affect later on development. Bowlbys own analyze, 44 child thieves, supports his theory as he located that starving boys had been more likely to become delinquent and lack empathy. He discovered that of the 17 who had experienced separating from their mother, 14 revealed no remorse for any with their behaviour. Bowlby diagnosed these ‘Affectionless Psychopathy' which is an inability to care for the results of their behavior upon others. Rutter research large numbers of kids (aged 9-12) in London as well as the isle of white who was simply separated off their mother during early childhood and this individual found that almost all did not become delinquent. Nevertheless , those who had a stressful splitting up e. g. prison or family breakdown – had been delinquent. This kind of supports Bowlbys theory that deprivation may affect afterwards development. Bowlbys theory has been applied to inspire women to be at home after pregnancy. Lorrenz study within the imprinting of geese helps Bowlbys ‘sensitive period' as it occurred between 12 and 17...

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