Contrasting Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody, and Albert Camus' Views on the Absurd

 Comparing Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, and Albert Camus’ Thoughts about the Absurd Essay

THESIS: Queen's song, " Bohemian Rhapsody”, correlates to Albert Camus views on the Absurd, proven by the information in Camus' works, which consist of simplifying the point of philosophy to mean lifestyle, the reasoning that the globe is not only a reasonable place, and there are consequences to believing in the silly. I. Camus' Life illustrates his work on the Ludicrous similar to Bohemian Rhapsody A. According to Camus the idea of viewpoint is your life: " The preceding only defines just one way of thinking. But the point is to live. ” (Camus). Other folks say that viewpoint is theorization about the universe plus the difference among ideas of the personal perspective and opinions of others that will make simple things in life difficult. e. g. beauty, prosperity, etc ..       � B. Camus' life and work were dominated by juxtaposition of an unstoppable will towards pleasure and rights on one hand and the indifference and hostility on the planet on the other hand. This kind of correlation comprises the silly. In Bohemian Rhapsody it had been often said that " nothing really matters” and how there is certainly " not any escape via reality” which can be the key of what the Absurd truly is. �

2. Camus' Operate Of The Silly In Relation to Bohemian Rhapsody A. The ridiculous is a discord between each of our expectations and reality. Particularly, it is the conflict between each of our longing for order, meaning, and clarity as well as the chaos, confusion, and incongruity of the world; between human longing for happiness as well as the evil on the globe. " The world in itself is not fair, that is all of that can be said. But what is ludicrous is the confrontation of this reasonless and the wild longing for clearness whose phone echoes inside the human heart. ”� (Camus). N. Bohemian Rhapsody is a song written by Queen on October 31, 1975; the lyrics to this song are incredibly similar to the function Albert Camus had written of describing the absurd and a mans fate and faith following killing somebody quite possibly himself. This music was released around the time...

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