Flag of the United States and Patriotism

What Patriotism Means to Me personally

In the wake of the September 11, 2001 terrorist disorders on the United States we are viewing many forms of Patriotism. I had been surprised to look for when I explored this expression that it had a negative sense associated with that. I believe that patriotism is actively exhibiting your support for your region, standing up for what you believe in, and preventing for our individual free of charge will and independence.

I am proud of my region and I i am not ashamed to fly the American Banner. Many men and ladies have perished to give me the freedoms that I take for granted. I applaud their patriotism, and I thank them to get giving me my way of life. I will support them in protecting my personal country. I will try to choose officials who have believe in the difficulties I do, and who work for the better good of most. I will not really follow blindly and not inquire abuout or accept everything my own government says or does. I hope that you just, as an American citizen will learn about your federal government and actively support it, by voting, writing your congressmen, and making an improvement for peacefulness.

In standing up for what I think in, Let me not end up being ignorant of other people. I could be aggressive in my beliefs without looking to impose all of them on my many other citizens. America stands for selection and to have patriotism to her is to assume that all people have a right to believe inside their own approach to values. I do not agree with Emma Goldman, who stated: " Patriotism assumes our globe is usually divided into very little spots, every single one between an flat iron gate. Individuals who had the fortune to be born in some particular spot, consider themselves better, nobler, grander, more brilliant then the living beings lived on by any other spot. It is therefore, the duty of everybody living on that picked spot to deal with, kill and die inside the attempt to enforce his brilliance upon others. " On the contrary, patriotism means fighting for everyone to have the same freedom that we do.

All of us did not look for terrorist to...