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April 19th, 2013

Obesity in America

Did you know statistics show that more than 30% of American citizens are overweight or obese? The United States of America is placed at #1 for having the best amount of obese people in a region. Surprised? I wasn't at all shocked at this time outcome. This really is slowly starting to become a outbreak in our region that needs to be set. There are so many health risks when it comes to carrying excess fat. Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and shortening of lifespan are just a few reasons why carrying excess fat is so harmful. One of the leading causes of diabetes in men, women, and children is definitely obesity. When being overweight, the chance of someone producing type 2 diabetes advances to much more than 20% above that of a proper weight person. Type 2 diabetes can be when the body system does not generate enough insulin or just neglects the insulin that your system produces by itself. This is a really serious and lifelong ailment that will have to be managed for the rest of an individual's life. I actually don't think any person would like to have to inject themselves with insulin on a daily basis only for them to make it through. Another risk that comes along is growing heart disease. Much more than 70% of folks that are diagnosed with heart disease are obese. Cardiovascular disease can include many conditions with the heart, such as high cholesterol, hypertension, congenital heart problems, and the key one being coronary heart disease. Your heart is exactly what help keeps your body operating and maintains you in. Without a healthy heart, you may have many more health issues along with it. Regrettably, when you are obese, you do in fact shorten the lifespan by 8 to 10 years. It is quite scary understanding that just by carrying excess fat, that it can cut down the timeframe you have to live here on earth. This is most because of the health hazards that come plus its overweight as well as the damage it might do to you body. All of these risks can simply be helped by eating much healthier and getting up and...

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