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Athene's City

Olivia Coolidge

Inside the days when ever Greece was initially being settled, Cecrops was king in Attica, a rugged, triangulado little region, good mainly for goat farming and the tradition of darling bees, and surrounded in two sides by the ocean. Here Cecrops planned a city around a large rock that jutted through the plain a number of miles away from the coast. Down on the shore were two great harbors, when around propagate fertile nation watered by simply two channels. The gods, who were constantly interested in the affairs of men, authorized the idea of Cecrops and gave the new town their blessing, foreseeing which it would turn into in time among the famous towns of the world. That is why there was wonderful dispute among the gods concerning which of them must be its unique patron. twelve Many promises were submit by this the almighty or by that, nevertheless at last, after much quarrelling, it became clear that the prize should lie between Athene, goddess of wisdom, as well as the sea our god, Poseidon. Between these two the gods chose to have a contest. Each should develop some wonder in the Loft land, and should guarantee some gift to the city that was to come. The greater gift should earn the city.

If the appointed day time came, the judges ranged themselves for the rock, and the two gods came available to them. Some say that the twelve judges chosen were the spirits in the Attic slopes and rivers, and some maintain that they were twelve Olympian gods. Be that as it may, on one part stood Poseidon with 20 flowing dark-blue beard and majestic size, carrying in the hand the three- pronged trident which he guidelines the surf. On the other side stood Athene, grey-eyed and serene, helmet on her golden mind and spear in hand. On the word Poseidon raised his trident and struck the earth. Beneath the ft of the all judges the whole globe was terribly shaken, and with a awesome rumbling appear it break up apart before them. Then made an appearance the wonder, a salt spring four miles inland where zero water acquired appeared just before. To this Poseidon added his gift of sea electric power, promising the city a great disposition, a great navy, well known shipwrights, and trading ships which should produce her name known in every corner with the sea.

The judges looked at one another while Poseidon spoke and nodded their minds 30 in approval, considering the gift idea indeed an excellent one as well as the salt springtime and the earthquake fine emblems of Poseidon's power. Grey-eyed Athene stated nothing, yet smiled softly to very little as your woman laid besides her spear and silently kneeling straight down appeared to herb something inside the earth. Among her hands as the lady worked, presently there gradually unfolded a little shrub, a bush rather, small and unimpressive, with grey- green leaves and grey-green fruits about an inch in length. When it got grown to full size, Athene stood up and looked over the judges. That was all.

Poseidon glanced in the dusty seeking bush that had produced so calmly. He looked at the hole that had gaped in the globe with the oklahoma city of earthquake, and this individual threw back again his head and jeered. Round the these types of rumbled and re-echoed the 40 frivolity of the goodness like far away waves thundering on the stones, while far out to sea in their profound, green caverns, the old ocean gods, his subjects, sent a muffled answering roar. Presently while silence droped, the calm voice of Athene chatted to the constructed gods.

" This small shrub is a olive, at the same time my wonder and my personal gift to the city, " the lady said. " With these berries poor people man will certainly flavor his coarse breads and goat's-milk cheese. With scented olive oil the rich man will deck him self for the feast. Petrol poured to the gods will be among their preferred offerings. With it the housewife is going to light her lamp is to do her food preparation, and the sportsperson will cleanse himself by...

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