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learning styles 27.08.2019
 learning styles Essay

Learning styles describe just how people process new inbound information. There are numerous schools of thought regarding learning variations. According to learning-styles-online. com, there are several learning variations: visual, aural, verbal, physical, logical, interpersonal and solitary. While most people use a mix of learning styles, they generally have one or two styles that are dominating. By understanding his own unique mixture of learning models, a student will probably be better able to concentrate his studying on methods that boost learning efficiency. Also, every time a student offers identified his weaknesses, they can create strategies to succeed in scenarios where the instructor's teaching design doesn't meet his preferred learning design. My learning style is known as a combination of rational and image which makes my Developmental Psychology instructor's completely verbal way of instruction extremely challenging, nevertheless I will conquer these issues by pre-reading the book, watching the instructor's gestures and rewriting class records into a reasonable outline format.

Since my desired learning style is a mix of logical and visual, mathematics and research classes are the perfect for me. We learn best when provided logical data to follow or perhaps when I had been shown how to solve problems, one step at a time. It is quite difficult for me to remember facts unless I am aware the thinking behind them, and I often work with flash cards to remember vocabulary words and mathematical formulations. Visual representations are very simple for me to consider, and I sometimes create funny mind images to match up terms or suggestions. My weakest method of learning is aural, where I actually am likely to learn by listening to a lecture or presentation. With no help of an outline or visual aids, it is hard for me to recognize the main parts of the information presented, and it is extremely difficult for me to remember what was talked about. Multiple-choice testing have always been easy for...

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