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The Notion of Purpose: The Book of Eli

Each of our purpose, like a Christian, should be to worship and glorify Goodness. We are to live as near to Christ-like as we can and are to tell others the Gospel so they can make the decision to follow God also. In this essay, I will be discussing film production company The Publication of Eli, the worldview of the characters and if that they stayed faithful to them, the obstacles which may have deterred them and my reactions to the motion picture. I believe Eli was a Godly man, and has a Christian worldview. Over the movie, he prays to God and quotes scriptures. He honors God with his life and is also following Gods will. My spouse and i didn't know until nearby the end the fact that book Eli was holding was the Scriptures. Eli looks many trial offers. He features little water and meals and he meets many people on his journey that are looking for to destroy him. Throughout the movie, this individual remains steadfast in his goal. Two of the main characters Eli meets along the way are Carnegie and Solara. Carnegie desires the Holy book for selfish purposes. He believes if perhaps he has got the Bible, he may be Goodness. Carnegie desires to be the best choice over everyone. Solara knew nothing of the Bible and God. Your woman becomes friends with Eli and helps him to protect the Bible. Eli teaches Solara how to hope and quotes scriptures to her. She takes on the Christian worldview. Eli had to manage a lot of trials along his journey. A woman while travelling tries to entice men in so that the guys she is with can grab from them and kill all of them. Carnegie attempts to capture Eli so he can kill him and find the book. Eli and Solara even discovered a couple whom intended to eliminate them and eat them. Even with all the trials this individual experienced, Eli stayed faithful to his Christian worldview. This individual continually interceded and thanked God for the things he had been given. He continually see the Bible and stayed in the right direction, the path God had willed him to take. During the video, I was emotionally troubled. There was some chaotic parts that made it just a little difficult to...

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