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Pcs & Chemical Engineering

Quantity 36, 15 January 2012, Pages 160-173

doi: 10. 1016/j. compchemeng. 2011. 06. 015В |В How to Cite or Website link Using DOI | В В Permissions & Reprints

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Modified simple column designs for quaternary distillations MassimilianoВ ErricoВ, В, Ben-GuangВ Rong, В

University of Southern Denmark, Institute of ChemicalEngineering, Biotechnology and Environmental Technology, Niels Bohrs Alle 1, 5230 Odense Meters, Denmark| Received 15 The spring 2011; modified 14 06 2011; Accepted 22 06 2011. Available 29 06 2011. В


Work is the most strength demanding, capital intensive and widely used splitting up method. For quaternary handiwork, the conventional basic column configuration settings employ 3 columns to achieve four goods with any specified chastity. In this newspaper, the altered simple line configurations are studied which use two content to accomplish four-component separations with any specific purity. The modified basic column constructions have the significant process rise feature that they can use significantly less number of articles and warmth exchangers. To analyze the efficiency of the modified simple line configurations diverse four-component...

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Wang et al., 2008 S. J. Wang, D. H. H. Wong and S. W. Yu, Design and control of transesterification reactive distillation with heat coupling. Pcs & ChemicalEngineering,  32 (2008), pp. 3030–3037.

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