Oh yea Laura! ( The Goblet Menagerie)

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Oh yea Laura!

What symbolizes fragility better than somebody who is crippled, and extremely timid? In his crisis, The Goblet Menagerie, Tn Williams uses Laura's figure flaws, such as her incapacity and apprehension to talk the drama's theme that fragility conceals you through the world.

Laura's physical defect causes her to hides through the life outside her tenement. A brief review from Rick, about the unicorn figurine, describes Laura's life specifically. " Poor little fellow, he must feel type of lonesome. ” (83) Laura presents Jim with her favorite glass pipe, the unicorn, and details how the unique figurine is her preferred. Jim sees the car horn on the figurine makes the piece different from the rest of the horses. The horn represents Laura sagging, which makes her different from almost all of the world. Later on, Laura hands Jim the glass unicorn but this individual rejects it, afraid of damaging the fragile figurine. Laura advises him, " Glass fails so quickly. No matter how careful you will be. ”(86) Laura foreshadows the interaction between her and Jim. Rick tries to be cautious with how he communicates with Laura, but as a result of how delicate and socially inexperienced the girl with, he ends up crushing her only wish. Laura typically plays the Victrola to deal with change or perhaps something from the outside. " Darts to the victrola, winds anxiously and turn this on. ” (57) The victrola seems to be a system to quiet Laura. The moment Jim concerns the door Laura scurries in the living space and requires cover lurking behind the victrola. The victrola comforts Laura when the girl with feeling self conscious or out of place. Due to staying coped up inside the tenement all day, Laura doesn't know how to deal with fresh adjustments; rather she is represented by a vulnerable glass unicorn figurine.

Laura becoming physically delicate relates to her mental frailty. At the beginning of the play Amanda finds out Laura has been ditching typing course, " The 1st time we offered a velocity test she broke down...

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