P2 Unit 5 Health and Cultural Care

 P2 Device 4 Health insurance and Social Care Essay

P2 – Explain the actual effects of five different lifestyle factors, around the development of an individual

There are different factors that can influence a person development. Each time a person is developing which have been different neurological and environment factors which could determinate the way they are, how they act and exactly how they develop. It all depends on a combination of equally biological inheritance and the environment influences. With this assignment I will talk about how five different factors affect someone development. While pregnant that are existing factors which could affect the advancement the germe and that can provide health and different problems when the child is born, which the kid can carry throughout her/his life, these natural influences ahead of birth can determinate each of our development during our existence. Examples of this is usually a mother that smoke's whilst she is pregnant are more likely to have a child who have weight below normal as well as the child may have learning difficulties. If a mother consume a large number of alcohol it might affect the child as well, the effects of heavy consumption of alcohol while pregnant in the kid are, they have a tendency to be small and have mind smaller than usual, also cardiovascular system defects and learning difficulties, the consumption of medications during pregnancy also can damage kid in the tummy. Infections can be extremely dangerous pertaining to the mom as well for the foetus, which can provide a bad impact on the child development. Some attacks such as Rubella can cause impaired hearing or eye sight or perhaps a damaged center, other attacks such as cytomegalovirus can cause deafness and learning difficulties. These kinds of infections may affect a child creation and can trigger other concerns such as that they are cared for by society because of these afflictions they pursued. This is why is very important for pregnant women to be vaccinated against these types of diseases to stop the risks. Balanced and healthy diet during pregnancy is very important in order...

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