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Unit 1 - Project 1 - Windows 08 Network Services

If you have a routed local area network and high-speed backlinks that are fairly reliable, you may be able to use one DNS server for the larger, multiple sub-netted network area. In case you have a high volume of client nodes on a single subnet design, you might want to add multiple DNS storage space to the subnet to provide back up and failover if the desired DNS server stops responding. When deciding the number of DNS servers you may use, assess the effect of zone moves and DNS query targeted traffic on slow links inside your network. Though DNS was created to help reduce transmission traffic between local subnets, it does produce some visitors between servers and clientele that should be evaluated, particularly when utilized in complexly sent LAN or perhaps WAN surroundings. Consider the consequences of zone transfer over slow speed links, like individuals typically utilized for a wide region network (WAN) connection. Even though the DNS Server service supports incremental zone transfers and DNS clientele and servers can disparition recently applied names, traffic considerations are sometimes still a problem, particularly when DHCP leases will be shortened and, as a result, energetic updates in DNS happen to be performed more frequently. One approach to dealing with remote locations about WAN links is to create a DNS server in these places to provide caching-only DNS support. With the majority of installations, you ought to have at least two hardware computers hosting each of your DNS zones for fault tolerance. DNS was designed to include two machines for each region, one as being a primary storage space and the different as a back up or secondary server. When creating any last determinations regarding the number of web servers to use, 1st assess the standard of fault tolerance you need for your network. Because there is no fixed limit to the maximum number of clients a DHCP hardware can services or to the amount of scopes you are able to create on a DHCP storage space, the primary factors to consider when you decide the number of DHCP...

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