Secureness Assessment

 Security Assessment Essay

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Appendix G

Security Assessment


Choose two settings coming from Ch. on the lookout for of the textual content and list each placing. Then, finish the following furniture. List five threats suitable to the environment from the setting you selected. Rate the chance for each danger from 0 (low) to 10 (high). Then, list five suitable countermeasures, which includes at least two countermeasures specific to physical secureness and 1 countermeasure certain to employees and secureness management. When you have completed the tables, write a brief justification of each countermeasure, stating how the countermeasure reduces the risk linked to that threat.

Setting 1:


| Probability| Criticality| Total|

Example: Data theft| 4| 7| 11| Employee verification, limited laptop access, and computer monitoring | Identification Theft| 4| 7| 11| Employee screening, limited use of computers and important documents, employees very much be computer system monitored and still have password requirements| Newborn Child Abduction Security| 3| 10| 13| Employee screening, video security cameras, security guards, kid protection secureness plan that includes 24/7 monitoring of all babies. | Earthquake or Fire| 5| 10| 15| Extensive evacuation program, sprinkler system installation| Gun or Bomb| 4| 9| 13| Material detectors in any way entrances, include armed pads and unarmed guards, security cameras and CLOSED-CIRCUIT TELEVISION installed. | Internal Theft| 3| 6| 9| Security managers to hold an eyesight out the personnel, have video security cameras, metal detectors and have just about every employee checked out before they leave the store, CCTV, staff screening for all those employees.

Setting 2:


| Probability| Criticality| Total|

Medication Smuggling and Use | 6| 7| 13| Doggy dogs, arbitrary security verify, cameras, LOW LUX, security guards, reducing class sizes| Fire and Bomb| 4| 9| 13| Metal sensors at gates,...

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