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Today, Smartphone is actually a device that important to people in their life. The majority of the university students prefer to use Smartphone especially School of Business and Economics (SBE) learners in University of Malaysia Sabah. Text messaging and checking e-mail are the most frequent uses of Smart phone which of are simple jobs capable to be executed possibly on more mature features telephones. We want to produce a research about the relationship between user of Smartphone and the academic performance. This is because we would like to identify and investigate what is the impact of using Smartphone during their research sessions whether it's give positive or unfavorable impact. This is certainly proved by simply other specialist that discovered the different title regarding Smartphone which is ‘Student Involvement and Experience Journal, volume1 (issue1). Subject: Considering the Touch screen phone Learner: an investigation into college student interest in the usage of personal technology to enhance all their learning by simply Woodcock, M., Middleton, A. and Nortcliffe, A. (2012). The research sought to establish the extent where students happen to be autonomously harnessing Smartphone technology to support their learning plus the nature on this use. First findings were explored through student interviews. The study found that students, who own Cell phones are typically unaware of their potential to support learning and, in general, usually do not install Smart phone applications for the purpose'. And also ‘According to Eteokleous and Ktoridou (2009), the advances in mobile systems have brought additional opportunities in the new era of mobile learning, making it possible and simple to enrich the learning experiences of individual students. The options offered by the most recent mobile technology, in the progress mobile phones present new opportunities and fresh challenges to educational systems. For data analysis the research by Eteokleous and Ktoridou (2009) applied the chi-square (x2), the nonparametric figures test tests for the...

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