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History and Theory 52 (October 2013), 305-318

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Forum: In the home and in the Workplace: Domestic and Occupational Space in Traditional western Europe in the Middle Ages

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At Home and the Workplace:

A historical introduction to the " spatial turn”

Beat Kümin and Cornelie Usborne


This introduction places the forum advantages in the larger context with the " space turn” inside the humanities and social savoir. Following a study of the famous trajectories from the field, a review of impulses via different professions, and a sketch of general advancements over the last few decades, the publishers exemplify important approaches, methods, and conceptual advances with regards to gender studies. The focus then turns to the structure, key themes, and specific material of this collection, which features both case studies and theoretical reflections. In conclusion, the essay underlines the significance and further potential in the " spatial turn. ”

Keywords: space, spatial turn, historiography, male or female studies, Indonesia, England

The " spatial turn” has already established a wide-ranging influence in academic history over the last handful of decades. Beginning with crude quantitative indicators, the surge of articles, anthologies, and educational exchanges shows no signal of abating. Hardly a month passes with out a dedicated convention. In the 3 years since planting season 2010 alone, subscribers to H-Net e-mail lists have been educated of more than thirty devoted gatherings. The regional, chronological, and thematic spectrums ranged widely, coming from " Judaism Spaces in Modern Communities and Cultures” (Oxford, May well 2010), through " une analyse spatiale des transferts culturels en Méditerranée médiévale” (Paris, 2011) to " Theoretische Konzepte raumzeitlicher Ordnungspraktiken” (Erfurt, This summer 2012). There are also signs of institutionalization in space-focused research clusters at schools such as the Specialized University Darmstadt and University College Greater london, and Erfurt recently established a Heisenberg Chair in the " History and Cultures of Spaces nowadays. ” The quantity of full-scale monographic treatments, in comparison, appears relatively modest, suggesting perhaps which the transfer of conceptual developments into scientific application even now poses extensive challenges. 1

1 . Pertaining to programme particulars and reviews, see, for example , the historic information platform " H-Sozu-Kult” at; for the thematic group " sociology of space” at the Technical University Darmstadt:; for the " Space Exploration Group” for UCL's Bartlett Graduate College:; for the Erfurt institute: (all reached July twenty nine, 2013); a single pioneering model is Achim Landwehr, Die Erschaffung Venedigs: Raum, Bevölkerung, Mythos 1570–1750 (Paderborn: Farreneheit. Schöningh, 2007), which investigates the constant reconstitution


Beat Kümin and Cornelie Usborne

The theory for this forum emerged by one of the latest academic events, " By Space to put: The Space Dimension inside the History of European Europe, ” an international and interdisciplinary convention organized by Centre intended for Research in History and Theory, Roehampton University, in cooperation with the German born Historical Institute, London, in April 2010. 2 Instead of settling for a publication of proceedings, however , the publishers aimed to spotlight two visible strands that emerged at the event: terminological and organized critiques from the field, on the other hand, and case studies on the closely related topics of home- and work space, on the other, equally mindful of your gender perspective. The content articles featured listed below are thus newly commissioned study pieces encouraged by the conversations held on the conference.

To contextualize the contributions, we propose a quick sketch of the state in the field, which includes...

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