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 Training the Female Athlete Essay

Training the Female Sportsman

From this Podcast, Philip Melanson interviews Diane Vives – overseer of Apres Training Devices in Austin, The state of texas, on schooling female sportsmen. Peter requires Diane a number of questions when it comes to female athletes versus guy athletes on how to train better, the differences between training, and the types of injuries from the training among men and women players. Diane answers with questions with research and studies that helps her ideas and reasoning's to her techniques for training the feminine athlete.

Diane explains that while trainers and coaches we need to identify with guys and female athletes that we will definitely find specific styles with female athletes that we need to do a better job at realizing. The evidence would be that the females are lacking certain functionality activities plus more importantly that we now have a tremendous amount of injuries in female athletes. The research is back this up and it also shows that as mentors and teachers – you will find no advancements to these instances. The amount of females are dropping out of sports and fitness all together because of the major injuries staying caused to these female athletes such as ACL and knees injuries. Philip asked Diane, what are some of the specific points that impact the females the most? Diane reported that situations of four to six times higher ACL and knee accidents with females versus men and some instances the number boosts up to 8-10 times increased when looking at low contact ACL injuries. She included, we need approaches to reduce this kind of number since injuries just like ACL and knee accidental injuries are major. She also included that one other difference between male and feminine athletes would be the lack of upper body strength in females. While coaches and trainers, they are afraid to teach upper body for women because they are worried that the females will cumbersome, which research and studies show that is a misconception. Diane highlights that this is definitely...

Bibliography: Vives, D. (n. d. ). Training the feminine Athlete. (P. Melanson, Interviewer)

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