Types of Advertising Mass media

 Types of Advertising Media Essay

Topic: Promoting

Narrowed theme: Types of Advertising Multimedia

Purpose: To teach the readers regarding the various types of advertising media through which companies may advertise goods, in order to encourage their businesses.

Thesis: Advertising and marketing has become an essential element of the corporate world and so many companies spend a considerable amount of resources towards advertising and marketing their products either by the print media, outdoor media and broadcasting media advertising.


There are various types of advertising and marketing media through which companies may advertise items, brand and services, in order to promote their very own businesses. Ogilvy (1987) who is considered to be one of many pioneers of advertising and marketing ideas once stated in his publication entitled " Ogilvy about advertising" that advertising may be the promotion of company's or personal items, brands and services completed primarily to improve sales and is also extremely pervasive in today's world. Advertising is now an essential component of the corporate globe and hence many organisations allot a lot of resources toward advertising goods either by the print multimedia, outdoor multimedia and the transmissions media advertising.

Firstly, the print media promoting, in an exploration by Manohar (2011) titled " types of advertising and marketing media" this individual noted that, the print press is achieve by advertising products through the use of newspapers and magazines, where the media gives options just like promotional pamphlets and fliers to achieve their advertising functions. Often , this sort of advertising moderate impacts a huge portion of the advertising universe through it is daily syndication that goes right to the targeted customers. Moreover, many community businesses use the print multimedia to ensure that they capitalize around the advertising market, knowing that persons read journals and daily newspapers and therefore are likely to encounter advertisement which have been strategically place...

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