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 U. H. history Height 7. 1  3 Final Exam Essay


7. 1 . 3В Final Exam: U. S. Background Sem you


U. H. History Sem 1 (2010) (S1400659)

Day: ____________

Course Big Question: How did people from America, Europe, and Africa get together, and what sort of nation do they build? Section 1: Short Answer (60 points)

In this section, you will show your knowledge of this content by making a three-paragraph essay. Be sure you use cases from this device, be certain, and follow proper paragraph- and essay-writing conventions. A. Explain just how Texas became an American point out. (1 level each, six points total) Why would Americans decide in the Mexican territory of Texas?

Mexico offered free land to the Americans that Moved to the Mexican territory, The Mexican govt had struck a deal with Moses Austin tx, and together they created a barrier zone by the free property which they wanted to the People in america. The deal was an attempt to halt America via taking over Tx. After the initial 3 fights of the Alamo the State of texas defenders died. This encouraged the American settlers and adventurers in Texas to participate the State of texas army. The Battle of San Jacinto won independence for Arizona. The Challenge of the Alamo was about making Santa Ould - wait for a long time, unfortunately everyone who required Colonel Travis's challenge and stepped over the line; Was killed.

So what happened when South america passed laws the Texans didn't go along with?

TheВ American Immigrants inВ TexasВ decided to digital rebel and kind their own republic.

Name a famous struggle fought in the Texas Innovation.

The Battle of the Alamo is known as a famous battle fought in the Texas Revolution.

How would Texas turn into an American state?

Texas gained freedom from South america. In 1836 the 29th state to join the Union admitted in 1845. This rebelled against Mexico's Constitution because it would not allow captivity.

What was a result of the annexation of The state of texas?

The united states annexed Texas in 1845, which brought on a split between the US and Mexican governments more than a border question. Shortly after annexation, The United States Director Polk shifted troops in to the disputed place and tried to negotiate the purchasing of these territory along with what is today New Mexico and California. Negotiations failed. In 1846 the United States declared war on Mexico which then ended in 1848 with all the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo in which Mexico gave up the power of the territory for the United States of America for the $15 , 000, 000 payment.

The fact that was the result of the war between Mexico as well as the United States? America of America then gained the battle and South america agreed on advertising the Arizona territory which usually now is three states Fresh Mexico, A bunch of states, and Texas for $15 million

B. Clarify each of these strategies used to keep African Us citizens from voting. Your response should include how come each method was powerful. (9 items total) The thing that was the grandpa clause? (1 point)

The grandfather clause was a law having said that anyone whose grandfather could vote could vote also.

Why made it happen keep cost-free black men from voting? (2 points)

That kept the free dark-colored men by voting because their grandfathers could not have your vote either.

What were poll taxes? (1 point)

Poll fees were fees that needed to be paid simply by registered arreters. The legal courts decided it absolutely was illegal because the poorer people could not afford that and this eliminated them from voting. В

Why achieved it keep totally free black guys from voting? (2 points)

Dark people cannot generally afford to pay out the vote taxes and most did not include grandfathers that voted as well.

What had been literacy tests? (1 point)

Literacy tests were used to stop African Us citizens from voting by giving them unfair tests such as studying Latin.

So why did these tests keep former slaves from voting? (2 points)

These checks kept previous slaves from voting mainly because non-e with the African Americans were in fact smart enough to read Latina let alone British.

C. Explain each foreign-policy activity...

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