In a Native Village Dissertation by Louis Becke

 In a Native Village Composition by Louis Becke

A Village of Hypocrites

In John Becke's brief story, " In a Local Village”, tensions build between your native islanders and a white trader from Quotes. Throughout the account, there are many incidents in which individuals are in constant search for strategies to benefit their particular selfish requirements through profit. From the small town elders to the young children, you will find attempts to swindle the Australian investor by fake accusations. A consistent back-and-forth fight occurs between trader and the natives by the enforcement of fines to get the villager's monetary gain. The island is booming by hypocritical natives that claim to practice Christian principles, but are the group of self-centered and money grubbing people. In Becke's history, his presentation of the villagers is that of a savage group of people that do not even seem to realize their own hypocrisies. It is exposed in several parts of his story that the residents had in the future adopted Christianity, but the activities of the people speak normally. In the trader's words, " In the course of a few weeks some great encounters acquired taken place between my women servants and also other of the community females, who have regarded them as vile usurpers of their right to rob and plunder the new white-colored man” (par. 1). Villagers attempting to take advantage of and loot the dealer, certainly does not uphold the Christian probe that the people of the island claims to practice.

The town councilors of the small town are a group known as the Kaupule. The group consists of respectable elders that are responsible for working the small town. People that will be looked up to such as the Kaupule, would more than likely be a group of people that maintain good morals for others of a younger generation to follow. The fabrication from the Kaupule's history of a horse brought by New Zealand to the area that has broken the villager's crops can be symbolic from the villager's emotions towards the white man for the native tropical isle. The conversation between the...

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